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We Are Digital Printing Experts

Unlike offset printing, digital printing makes prints from an electronic file created on a computer. This printing process eliminates some of the steps needed for other traditional printing methods, making it a faster method from start to finish.

Usually, digital printing is more affordable than offset printing for smaller runs. After creating the artwork, it’s saved in a high-resolution PDF (or another type of digital file) and sent to the printer. From there, the file is immediately sent to the press. This process generally uses toner instead of ink, which allows for quicker drying times, trimming, and binding and finishing techniques.

Personalize to Grab Attention

Digital printing has variable printing options, which means you can personalize each piece with names, messages, and more to target your audiences. By creating more attention-grabbing – and relevant – direct mail pieces, many clients see an increase in their return on investment.

Variable printing also reinforces your online marketing efforts. Engage your customers with a personalized direct mail piece that invites them to visit your website to place an order. This is one of the many ways Stolze supports your multi-channel marketing and customer experience.

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We Have the Industry Leading Digital Presses

Our digital presses are state-of-the-art and represent the cutting edge in the ever-changing world of digital printing. With speeds up to 300 impressions per minute, they offer high print quality and excellent color matching capabilities. Also, you can choose from a wide range of papers and other media like canvas, synthetics, and more.

  • HP Indigo 7900-7 color with options for special effects and inks
  • Kodak Digimaster

Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing offers numerous benefits with unlimited versatility:

  • No press set up like that of offset printing
  • Excellent quality with advanced imaging technology
  • Best for smaller print runs with flexible quantity choices
  • Offers variable print for marketing personalization
  • Fast and easy proofing
  • Quick turnaround with reprints on demand

Some of the smaller-volume jobs best suited for digital printing include business cards, brochures, presentations, reports, direct mail marketing, and more.

Delivering High-Quality Digital Jobs Fast

With many printing companies, you may have to schedule work far in advance. Stolze Printing Company is different. With a centrally located office, we can deliver jobs quickly to clients not only in our home town but to customers across the United States.

We are printing experts with turnkey solutions for any size project. From large scale printing jobs to direct mail and from kitting to distribution, Stolze is your one-stop resource for all your marketing production needs. We have clients across the country (and worldwide) who rely on us for quick and quality service.

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