Stolze Printing Offsets its Electricity with 100% Wind Power

Renewable Choice Energy

St. Louis, MO, March 26, 2010 – Stolze Printing announced today that it is now offsetting 100% of its electricity use with wind power. This increased commitment has been achieved through the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs). The purchase was made in partnership with Boulder, CO-based Renewable Choice Energy. This change, which took effect on March 1, represents an increase from the 30% commitment to renewable energy that the company already had in place. Approximately 1,022,400 kilowatt hours per year are being offset, which is the amount of energy required to power all of the company's operations. The environmental benefit of this commitment is similar to planting 4,708 fully mature trees each year.

Supporting the generation of renewable energy is only one facet of a larger, continual effort by Stolze Printing to reduce its environmental impact. Phil Stolze, President of Stolze Printing, says "There is a general misconception out there that all printing is bad for the environment. In reality, the printing industry has made more progress than most industries towards being green. All aspects of our operations, from our building, to our raw materials and equipment, to our technology, are continually monitored to find new ways to increase our commitment to the environment."

Stolze Printing is a St. Louis-based print communications company whose services range from pre-press to bindery and fulfillment. Stolze is certified as a GRACoL 7 Master Printer, a distinction that requires consistently meeting the highest standards in the printing industry. Through investments in innovation, experienced team members, and the greenest technologies available, Stolze Printing leads the industry in providing its customers with strategic and integrated print solutions.

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