Stolze has the greenest press in the industry.

Kodak NexPress Design: The modular design of the NexPress offers flexible update options to significantly extend the product life. The internal control systems monitor and adjust output during operation to ensure output quality and reduce waste.

Operator Replaced Components – Stolze can extract longer useable life from certain ORC's, by rotating and reusing based on job requirements. When the ORC reaches the end of its useful life, it is returned at no charge to Kodak for refurbishing & reuse, recycling or responsible disposal.

De-inking for recycling – NexPress dry inks can be readily removed from printed documents for recycling. NexPress output meets and/or exceeds standards set by INFEDE. Also, NexPress papers do not need pre-treatment which impedes recycling.

Emission-Free Dry Ink – All components of NexPress dry inks have been tested to ensure no harmful compounds are generated or released during manufacturing, usage or disposal.

Safe for food labeling – All NexPress dry inks have been approved for food contact in accordance with European Recommendation XXXVI and is currently going through FDA approval. All pigments used in NexPress dry inks are safe from known carcinogens or skin irritants.

Protection choices – Kodak NexPress press feature patented coated and glossing techniques in combination with clear dry ink. These solutions use environmentally benign methods to add protection and enhance prints.

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