High Quality Printing Options

Stolze's Printing presses are industry leaders in both capability and versatility. Our presses handle the demands of high-quality printing such as annual reports, corporate identity brochures, direct mail, and sales promotion materials.

We recently purchased a Heidelberg SpeedMaster 41" 10-color perfecter with an aqueous coater, Impress auto color and register and Cut Star Roll Feeder. This press allows us the flexibility to perfect jobs (print on both sides of the sheet simultaneously) with outstanding quality at 15,000 sheets per hour and offer additional cost savings if roll paper can be used.

The Heidelberg SpeedMaster 41" XL-105 allows us to print up to 6-colors and aqueous coat at 18,000 sheets per hour, while measuring and controlling the entire print image to meet strict standards for print quality and consistency.

A Heidelberg SpeedMaster 29" CD-74 6-color plus aqueous coater completes our offset department. A true workhorse, this press meets the same strict standards for print quality and efficiency.

With this large variety of press types and sizes, we have just the right press to meet all of your offset & digital printing needs.

To make sure we meet your exacting color requirements, we are certified as a GRACol 7 Master Printer. Every press is fully automated and calibrated using the latest International GRACol 7 standards.

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