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Going Green

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At Stolze Printing, we take our corporate responsibilities seriously. Key among these responsibilities is our philosophy of stewardship towards the environment. We continually evaluate every phase of our operations to look for greater efficiencies and greener alternatives. Listed below are some of the investments we've made to reduce our environmental impact.

Our company supports the generation of clean, renewable energy by offsetting 100% of our electrical use with wind power. This has been accomplished by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) through Renewable Choice Energy. To find out more information about RECs and Renewable Choice visit www.renewablechoice.com.

Renewable Choice Energy

Our facilities, which were built in 2006, were designed to be energy efficient from the start. Whether it be through high efficiency HVAC units, superb insulation or lighting efficiencies, we recognize that every effort contributes to our overall goal.

Raw Materials
Stolze Printing is a Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ® (FSCĀ®) certified printer. FSC paper meets the highest social and environmental standards in the market. Our use of FSC certified paper helps preserve the environment through conservation and responsible forest management efforts. To learn more about FSC visit www.fsc.org.

Reducing VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) is a priority for any responsible printer. At Stolze Printing, we use very low VOC inks and chemicals. Our coatings have no VOCs at all. And our printing plates are now developed with what is essentially soapy water.

Waste Management
All waste paper, cardboard, plastics and printing plates from our operations are recycled.

EPA Green Power Partner

Taken together, these efforts provide our customers with innovative print solutions that are created in an environmentally conscious way. This is both a reflection of who we are as a company, and an added value that we pass on to our customers.

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